Our Services for Real Estate Professionals

Soccer Player about to pass the ball

Are you a real estate broker or loan officer with septic systems in your transactions?  We can make your life easier! Pass the ball to the septic professionals and we will run with it!

  • Home Sale Inspections
    • Protect your buyer
    • Save your seller some green by performing an inspection over a pumping
  • Submit a Health Letter – we can submit a health letter directly to the county and save you the hassle
  • Record of Construction (As-Builts) – Records missing at the county?  We can create the needed record of construction for home sales
  • Septic Tank Pumping – Let us schedule a pumping for very reasonable rates
  • All Septic Repairs

Helping you look good to your buyers and sellers

As a real estate professional you have two kinds of clients.  A buyer and a seller.  When there is a septic system involved in a sale we can help you better serve both those clients.

Your Buyers – Protect Them

Buyers typically get a home inspection these days.  However, a home inspection doesn’t cover the largest cost item on the property…the septic system.   You can prevent unexpected issues by recommending a septic inspection as well.  We provide a thorough inspection of the system.

Your Sellers – Save them Money

Kitsap county requires your sellers with a septic system to obtain a health letter in order to close.  You have the opportunity to save your sellers significant money while you look good.  Most septic systems don’t need to be pumped when selling, however most are pumped just because that seems the easiest path to closing.  Pumping fees usually start at around $350 and go up depending on the tank quantity and size.  Let us save your sellers some money by providing a basic inspection that will get you to the closing time quickly and save your sellers some money in the process.

Making you look GOOD

Whether you are serving your buyers or sellers, let us help make you look good.  You can protect your buyers and save your sellers money.  So, when that time comes please consider us as one of your team members, helping contribute to a successful transaction.

Email us at experts@clearseptic.com or call us at (360) 698-9400