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July 11, 2013

Spring Updates

May 5, 2012

Spring is in the air and as new life is growing all around us so is Clear Septic Solutions growing as well.  We are experiencing growth in both business activity as well as staffing.

Of significance (to understate by a lot),  I (Stephen) am officially now full-time with Clear Septic.  I’m excited to be moving on from the challenges at Masterworks to the new challenges at Clear Septic.  My initial responsibilities include customer follow-up, administrative tasks, marketing to real estate agents, networking with property management companies.  Very soon I will be pursuing monitoring and maintenance business.  This is exciting as we desire to make this business the backbone of the company.  We are currently developing a postcard that will be sent out to owners of alternative systems.  We are excited about that.

Business is going strong as spring is in the air and real estate transactions increase.  It is so strong that we are tempted by the idea of adding an additional technician!  We’ll have to see how that unfolds.

We are growing in confidence in serving ALL the septic needs of our customers.  We are a monitoring and maintenance company, doing repairs and inspections.  However, we have learned to market pumping and just finished (successfully) our first tank install.  We have yet to do a full system install, but that probably isn’t too far off!

Just this past week Silas took some classes that certify him in additional alternative systems.  This means we can take more business from Pierce County.  This is certainly exciting to us.  We also got a $300 value from the class in getting licensed for one system.  It was time and money very well spent.  While Silas was in class, Silas entrusted the oversight of our first tank replacement job to me!  Yikes.  But it turned out perfectly with no snags.

So, things are pretty exciting.  Stay tuned (read our emails and facebook) to continue hearing our story continue.

CASH Works Business Showcase

October 23, 2011

This past Thursday we participated in a Business Showcase that highlighted local, small businesses.  We had a great time meeting people who are supportive of small businesses, including Bremerton Mayer Patty Lent.  We shot out a last minute email to our friends letting them know of the event.  We plan to continue being part of these events were we get to meet the public, because so many people in Kitsap County have septic needs.

In Memory

March 26, 2011

I wanted to take a brief moment to honor a very special woman.  Clear Septic Solutions lost a precious member of it’s extended family last night,  Theresa Rodgers.  She was a wonderful grandma to me and she welcomed Silas into the family as one of her own sons.  She supported him in his business ventures and was always so proud when she heard he was busy at work.  Grandma, this blog is in memory of you.  You are greatly loved and immensely missed!

In memory: Theresa Anne Rodgers   December 10, 1925 – March 25, 2011


March 21, 2011

There is such a pressure in writing the first blog for our website!  What do I say?  How long should it be?  Should I be official or casual?  Where is the best place to start?  That’s when I got my answer.  The best place to start is with the beginning of Silas’s septic career.

When he first got into the business I thought it was going to be a temporary solution.  Being a real estate agent in a down market led him to pursue other job options.  He knew someone in the septic biz and started working it.  I really hoped it would be short term.  What wife wants to admit that her husband works in the industry of poo?


Silas found that he was good at his new job.  He got the training he needed, took the necessary classes, became certified, and got the opportunity to open his own septic business with his brother, Stephen.  So much for temporary.  🙂   I embraced that this is what Silas wants to be doing right now.  My commitment to him and Clear Septic is not only in words but in action as I have taken a key position in the company.  I try not to think about the sludge my husband gets into.  We have so many jokes about being in the septic business and thought about zany catch phrases to use in promoting the business.

I think what’s really important though is the dedication Silas has to his customers.  He loves helping people.  He loves to solve problems.  He loves hands on work.  When he gets a service call or signs someone to a new contract he lights up.  When he gets home from a long day of inspections and repairs he is exhausted but is satisfied with his day.


Silas and Stephen truly desire to become partners with their customers and not simply service providers.  It’s easy to go out, do the work, send a bill, and move on.  They have a goal of educating homeowners, showing them ways to prolong the life of their system, and being available for them.  They want to know that their customers are satisfied with them and they strive for that.

I am proud of Silas and how far he has come; he started knowing nothing about the industry and now has his own business in it.  I hope that you are fortunate enough to have Clear Septic as your monitoring and maintenance provider!


Stay tuned for more blogs coming soon!